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“It May Be Your Body, But It’s Still God’s Temple” Part I

June 2, 2011

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I am not sure if you know or not, but I like to look at things from many different perspectives and today, we will look at a different perspective on exercise and our body.  Some may like it, and some may not!

As a certified fitness professional, I had many books to help me study, and there are many books out there to choose from. I learned muscle groups, how the body functions and moves, how to properly execute a movement/exercise and the benefits of exercise, just to name a few.  But from a plethora of books to choose from, there was one book that was not included as part of my course work; and it has the blueprint of what we can do for our bodies to live a prosperous and healthy life – the Bible. The Bible even outlines how we should eat. (Have you seen the Ezekiel brand foods in the grocery store)?

As I mentioned in the blog last week, today is a guest blog post written by Pastor Wanda L. Sawyer-Flipping of the Emmanuel Baptist Church, Rankin, Pennsylvania (about 8 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh); and some excerpts by me.  Not only is she my aunt, but she also knows and understands the importance of exercise and healthy living.  Here, Pastor Sawyer-Flipping tells us that our bodies are indeed, temples and gives us ways on how we should treat them as the scriptures dictate.

I will say that I have visited many churches, and this is the only church that I am aware of that starts its service with fitness tips and words of wisdom that is health related!   As a fitness professional, the sight and sound of what I was witnessing was phenomenal!  I know that our bodies are temples.  And as you read this blog post, think about your body as the “temple”.

Ok, enough from me! Let’s get to the guest blog post.  Here you are; Pastor Wanda Sawyer-Flipping…..

“It May Be Your Body, But It’s Still God’s Temple”

by Pastor Wanda L. Sawyer-Flipping

When we speak of the church, we are often referring to a building where we meet throughout the week and gather for worship. However, this building is not the church! It is a place where the church gathers. The church is that universal, mystical body made up of every person who has trusted Jesus Christ by faith and has been born into the family of God.

What we don’t understand is that you are the sanctuary of God.  The word “temple” in 1 Corinthians verse 19 refers not to the whole place of the temple, but just to the Holy of Holies, the place where God dwelled. What Paul is trying to tell us is that we are the dwelling place of Almighty God.

Somehow, some people have the opinion that what we do to our body has no effect on us spiritually. The truth, however, is vastly different.  If you are in tune with God, everywhere you go, everything you do, everything you touches you, in effect, touches God.  That is why Paul tells the Corinthians that they (we) are Gods temples.  It appears that many people in the time of Paul at Corinth were using their bodies for immoral purposes and were defiling their temple.

When God gave His plans for the Tabernacle, and later on the Temple, He set forth in no uncertain terms the plain fact that He demanded purity in the materials and construction; otherwise, He would never fill it with His glory.

Five things to keep in mind regarding your body:

1.  God will not fill a dirty temple.    As I continue on, I would like for you to give some thought to how you are using your body to do things that aren’t  right in the sight of God, or in other words, aren’t benefiting your as God has intended.  There are a number of things, outside of sex, drugs, and alcohol that you can do with your body that displeases God.   What about lack of exercise and the types of food we put inside our bodies?

2. Our Bodies are a Place of Dedication.  The earthly Temple was a place wholly dedicated to God and His glory. Nothing that defiled was allowed on the grounds.  When something out of the ordinary occurred, God took immediate steps to take care of the problem. For instance, Nadad and Abihu, in Lev. 10:1-2, were the sons of Eleazar who offered up strange fire before the Lord and God killed them. It appears from the text in Lev. 10:8-11, that these men were guilty of drunkenness before the Lord. Be that as it may, the earthly temple was a place set apart for God and His glory.

These earthly bodies that we dwell in are also set apart for His glory! According to the bible, no one reading this has the right to use his/her body for anything other than that which glorifies the Lord. Why? Because we have been bought with a price.  Do something good for your body; that is a benefit of exercise; you are doing something good for your body.

3. We do not belong to ourselves, we belong to the Lord! So, regardless of what we are doing, and the reason we are doing it, it must  bring glory and honor to God.  Show God that we can take care of our bodies. We can make smart choices.

4. Our Bodies are a Place of Devotion.  The Temple was a place where men gathered to worship God. They came to the temple and glorified the Lord. It was a place where songs were sung, prayers were prayed, hands were raised, praises were rendered and God was magnified.  The temple was a place of worship.  Just as that temple was devoted to God as a place of worship, these bodies of ours are to be places where God is worshiped. The truth is, these bodies will render worship to one God or another!  As you can see, it was a commitment and they were consistent. We, too, must make the commitment and be consistent with exercise and sensible eating.

5. Our bodies are a place of duty.  The temple was a place where men carried out the duties they had been given by the Lord. These fleshly temples, our bodies, are also places where we are to carry out the duties we have been given by God. Treat them right.

Wow!  This is the end of Part I.

I thank you, Pastor, for sharing this with me, and willing to write this blog post.

I hope you enjoyed this perspective and/or were enlightened by reading this and it made you think of your “body” in a different way.

So with exercise, we are lining up our bodies to the word of God.  Our bodies are dedicated to Him, since they do not belong to us, and we want to present our bodies as living sacrifices; keeping our bodies as healthy as we possibly can.  We have a choice to either help with deteriorating our bodies by not being physically active,  eating a lot of the “bad” stuff, or we can chose to live healthy by eating right and exercising.  Show that you are good example to other by heeding to the word, exercising and building up your temple.

God does not want us killing ourselves. No, he wants us to retain ourselves and rein our bodies in. One thing to note is that if you do not control your body and its passions, it will control you. I’ve said this before, you also need to have a new mindset, a renewing of your mind.  Your body will do what your mind tells it.

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