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[blog] Is it an age thing?

August 22, 2011

What does age have to do with exercise?

Well, it has a lot to do with it. Some of it is logical of course, meaning it is somewhat unlikely for a 96 year run a mile at the same pace as someone in their 20’s.  Yes, that is logically thinking, but the flip side of that, is that it is a mindset as well.

Afterboot camp a few weeks ago, some of the campers stayed around and talked and one question came up about the “age” of someone who exercises and when they should stop.

The question was: “should I be doing some of these exercises at my age”?

This was an excellent question and my response was “you’re never too old to exercise”.  As I proceeded to explain the benefits and reasons of the importance of exercise in our later years, I also stated to the person that since you can do the exercises at your age should mean a lot!  The camper laughed and agreed.

We went on to discuss how some of the younger folks can not keep up with the “older” ones in the camp at times.  One camper suggested it was the mindset of those over 40 who tend to push thru things. Whereas, the younger ones seem to take a break, look around or say it’s too hard… this because this is a day and time of instant gratification without working for it?


I started to think about the other classes that I teach and the range of ages in the class. And it seems there was some credibility to that statement about mindset of those over 40. the ones over 40 really push a little harder to get thru it? And if so,why, and what is the motivation?  The challenges are there; and they meet and overcome them.

And it is true that you have to have a mindset change in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

As we continued to talk it seemed that the consensus was that if you are over 40, you seem to push thru it; no matter how difficult the challenge.

In no way  am I saying that the under 40 crowd who exercise are slackers or are not giving 100%, because I do know some under 40 who are go-getters and giver their all-n-all! What I’m saying is that there seems to be a difference when it comes to working out- younger vs. older.  And I guess this discussion could really go both ways.


So, what’s age got to do with it? 

I’d like to hear your take on this – both under and over 40.  is there some truth about what I’ve blogged about?  Let me hear from you!   Let me get about 15 comments and the next blog will have a workout for you.


this is on my mind…

December 21, 2009

Hello all

Hope you are well!  I was off for a week..but I’m back…and I have a question for you.

….do you want to feel beautiful?  Or handsome??  I think every person does, rite?

What do you do when you get up in the morning? You shower, shave, make sure your hair is rite (I know some women who will take a sick day of work if their hair ain’t together!). 

But in the morning, we “prepare” ourselves to go out in to the world.  We want to look our best.   Oh yes! The men shave, take the time to have on a belt that matches their shoes, tuck in the shirts and get ready to head to the office or wherever they work.   I know I do these things!  I even get my hair cut every week.

The women take time to put on their lipstick and makeup; put on perfume.  They check themselves in the mirror as they drive. Both – men and women, wanting to look good.  There is nothing wrong with that!

Even an overweight person feels they look good – they WANT to look good.  They want to feel good on the inside and out.  I am not against anything and people do what they want, but this is what I’m thinking…and I could very well be wrong.   But if there is an overweight person, man or woman, and they have taken the time to look their best, that means they love life so to say and they care about themselves.

Again, they WANT to look beautiful or handsome.  I don’t know why I am writing this, and where it is coming from! I am just typing…so bare with me!  So if they WANT to look good……again, they are wanting to look good,  so why do they put the BAD stuff inside their body?? 

 Their body is turning against them! Do they realize that? 

One blogger wrote during my first blog that “..I can remember eating the entire pack of chunky chips ahoy with no guilt.  Freely eating until my heart’s content (and artery clogging, hips spreading, etc…Jesus!).    This was just an excerpt, but this blogger went on to make a lifestyle  change and indicated it was well worth it.

So do the overweight people actually know what they are putting into their bodies?  They see the food or pop advertised on TV or hear it on the radio and they run out and buy it! Eat it, drink it and then want some more.  So is the media tricking us or persuading us as we become overweight as they rake in the money!!??   Hey! I have some good junk food over here! C’mon…it’s good for you.   (sigh…) we are all being lied to! Deceived I tell you! Deceived! 

Ok, I just got a butterfly in my stomach – I am starting to feel this thing.  I was supposed to do a video blog today, but as you see, the format of this blog has changed!  ( I guess this is why I do what I do – try to help people).

What is in the advertising? Is there a warning that says if you drink a pop you’ve exceeded your daily sugar requirement?  I don’t think there is.  What about some of the food.  Is there a warning label that states “if you eat this you will be lining your arteries waxy substances and you can bet your sweet tooty it will someday make you be dependent on medicine..!”   is there a food label out there like that?  Probably not.  

I was at dinner with two very close teacher friends  of mine yesterday and we got to talking about the childhood obesity epidemic.  Schools are now requiring that lunches have more healthier choices than the ‘junkier” choices and that students can select these healthier food items.   I thought that was very good. And now some schools are not going to have vending machines with candy bars, fruit drinks and the likes.  

Ok, so now we know we have healthy food. Junk foods.  And the really, really bad foods.  Are our bodies that messed up because of the poor food choices we made/make?  Yes.  We have eaten the bad stuff all of, or most of our lives.   And yet, we are still walking around – alive.  How can that be? only by the grace of God.  He has blessed us!

How much water do you drink?  How much splenda do you use? Hmmmm…how many cigarettes do you smoke?  How much pop or alcohol do you drink?  How much candy do you eat? 

So our bodies are messed up because of the food choices.  For me if i eat rite, I FEEL right.  If I eat something bad, my body can REALLY tell.   So can that be a reason why we have so much sickness?  Due to the things we eat?  u bet.

 So if you are reading this and are overweight, don’t be afraid, offended or discouraged!   Take small steps by changing your food choices!  That one step will lead to bigger and better!  Don’t procrastinate.  Take massive action. Do it now.  You want to be around for your kids, your grandkids and your family!  You can do it!  We can all begin by eating right and exercising!

As we prepare  or focus on making  ourselves beautiful or handsome on a daily basis, let’s propose to do the same with our food choices (include exercise).   Can we make a conscious effort to do that?

 Ok, I’m taking up waaaay too much of your time.  I will finish this up next week! 

Any comments?

losing weight is too dag on hard!

November 30, 2009

Hey all, this is part three of my  blog!

Thank you to all who participated in replying!  Also, if you look to the right, if you want to get this automatic updates on the blog, click “sign me up”. 

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and you enjoyed the time with family and friends.

For today’s Let’s Talk Church blog, I would like to  discuss methods you have tried for weight loss – for those who have actively tried to lose weight and did not have any success, little success and those who’ve had success  keeping the weight off. 

If you were not too successful in your weight loss program did you experience any of the following:

  • there are habits that seem just too dag on hard to break?
  • your friends/family always have foods around that you KNOW aren’t good for you to eat,  but you eat it anyway because you gave in to temptation? (and now we are in the holiday season)
  • Is the commitment to eat right and exercise just not there? 
  • you exercise very sporadically – one day, then the next time you exercise a month has passed!
  • You don’t see results as quickly as you hoped so you give up? 

 What about “I’m too busy”, “I don’t have time. work, family, kids”, “other activities interfere”  oh! and…..what about church activities??  Is there anyone who has a very busy church and you spend most of the week there?

Did you answer “yes” to any of the above?

If you answered “yes” you are not alone.  As a fitness professional I see and hear things of this nature a lot.  People come to me and say I just can’t seem to lose the weight.  “I eat rite, and I exercise. I’ve tried everything”.  But as we get deeper into the conversation,  I uncover challenges sometimes that the person did not realize where things that hindered their program and the progress.  But saying “I’m too busy”, “no time”, “work, kids, family”, “I’m tired”, “other activities”,  “taking care of the house”, etc (the list can go on) are really excuses

Yep, sorry to say, but they are excuses. Maybe not valid ones, but excuses nevertheless. 

So don’t let excuses hinder your goals to exercise and drop those unwanted pounds. 

So what do you do? You have to PLAN. I believe we can all say we have pretty busy schedules.  But planning is the key.  We plan and schedule time for meetings and other activities and events.  Why not schedule time for exercise? And don’t get discouraged if the weight isn’t falling off as quickly as you hoped.  Remember; no time for exercise, make time for illness.

 Ok, I’d like to hear from you. 

What have you done to try and lose weight? Did you keep it off? If so, what worked? 

If you did not keep it off, what methods did you try and how long did you try before you gave up – 3 weeks, a month?   

Did you only exercise on Sunday when you shouted or ran around the church!?  hmmmm

So, let’s talk about what you’ve tried to do to try and lose weight.  (dvd, exercise class, etc)