Another Cost of Weight Loss

Hello!  I hope all is well with you today.

When you think as the title suggest; the cost of weight loss, one would automatically think I am referring to the monetary cost involved with your weight loss: gym/personal trainer fees, purchase of healthier food options, new clothes and other fees that I do not list here.

Aside from any monetary cost, there are other costs associated with ones fitness journey – and especially when they begin to shed the pounds.

If you have been overweight and have shed the pounds, have you noticed  that close, or what you thought were close friends start to drop off just like the weight, too?  The cost of weight loss that I”m referring to is the cost of friendships.

Unfortunately, everyone is not happy with someone’s weight loss success and/or their desire to  exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.

For those of you who have had success or are now experiencing success, you may have friends who try to sabotage or talk you into joining them in eating something you do not eat anymore, or questioning why you are going to work out again.  Friends who question why you spend money on getting healthy.  Friends who no longer give you compliments when they used to.  Does any of this sound familiar?

The cost of friendships. Is your healthy lifestyle really worth this?

Could it be that these friends are overweight, too, and have yet to take the initial step of leading a healthy lifestyle?  Could it be that they are admiring your from afar and can not give you a compliment on your success in progress?

It’s true that when a person is overweight, their confidence is boosted, their self-esteem is raised and they feel good about their accomplishment on striving to live a healthy lifestyle.  No, I take that back – they feel GREAT!  The person who has lost the weight is still the same person just with a brighter outlook on life!

I know for sure that those of you who have lost weight have a great support system, and friends that  DO encourage you along the way.

If you have experienced  the cost of friendship by becoming healthy and fit, and fat loss, I would really like to hear from you and how this has affected you  or if I am way off base.  Is it more women than men who experience this? hmmmmm

I can’t leave out anyone who has transformed from a very thin person and has gained muscles- I’d like to hear from you, too!

Is the cost of a friendship worth your healthy living?  Please leave me a comment!

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