The Scar…..

Recently while on vacation in October of this year, I was on the beach.

Out of the blue a man, a total stranger, said to me “great scar, dude”.  Seriously?  I was shocked. He was referring to the scar going diagonally across my stomach. Was he giving me a compliment on a scar?  I didn’t know whether to be offended or to say thank you. I guess the reason for my surprise is that I have never been asked about my scar. After he saw the surprised and puzzled look on my face, he added “scars tell a story”. I certainly hope he didn’t think I got the scar from being in a gang (stabbing) or some other thug-related activity!

But the man was right.  Scars do tell a story.  There are physical and emotional scars. My scar is the physical scar as a result from a surgery. That is where the story of the scar began.

Part of my colon was removed, which left a long ugly scar. The scar actually looks like a line graph. It starts from my lower right side just above my hip and travels at an upward angle, past the middle of my stomach.  Not pretty.

Why did this man say this to me???  Ironically, I go to the gym everyday and no one at the gym has ever inquired about my scar.  Odd.

But again, the man was right.  My scar does tell a story and because of that scar:

  • I now eat better
  • I exercise more
  • I encourage people, like you reading this blog, to exercise and eat healthy
  • I am reminded of how great life is; and where I could have possibly ended up had I not had the surgery
  • I am a fitness coach, trainer (and I think I’m pretty good at it, too)
  • I have become a diabetes lifestyle coach
  • I continually learn about the body and how it functions
  • I thank God everyday

I look at my scar every single day.  Granted, it is an ugly scar, but it is but it is a beautiful reminder of life.  I also realize that all surgery causes some scar tissue; it’s part of the healing process. That’s where the story of the scar ends. Healed.

The man, I’m sure, didn’t mean any harm by asking me about my scar. At the time I was not sure how to respond or react. But I guess I answered my own question. So no, I am not offended since it made me think about the circumstances and the outcome.

The objective of this blog is to help you avoid the physical scar if you can.  Whether it be complications from diabetes, other disease or surgery, avoid the scar. Sometimes we can’t avoid the scar, but please don’t get to the point where you have to enter into the hospital because of something that could have been prevented.  Eat right. Exercise. Follow your doctor’s advice.   

Do you have a scar story?  Let me know what you think..leave me a comment!

Committed to Your Fitness Success!


2 Responses to “The Scar…..”

  1. Pete Says:

    I have a scar story to tell. on my hand arm right above my wrist I have a scar . I was once a certified welder and I was underneath a rail car welding a part on the car. when I reach in to get my welding lead my arm touched the welded area and I received an ugly scar. but the sting of burn was so horrible that I immediately thought about what hell would probably be like, that I made up in my mind that i did not want to go there. stay with me I am going somewhere. Jesus warned us the possibility of hell. Now for the crust of where I am headed. God has given us a great gift in Sidney to warn us of the danger of not excising and eating properly will we ignore him and “thinking that we have time”, and “is it really any harm with eating that extra piece of pie”. ” I know the thoughts I think toward you, thought of peace and not of evil to give us an expected end; Says the Lord Give fitness a try and see what will be happen.

  2. Shannon Says:

    I do have a scar story to share. I had hernia repair and my scar is right above my navel. Ugly but a reminder that the body heals frOm all wounds.

    Thanks for sharing

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