My Belly Is Too Big!

Hello, All!  I hope you are feeling awesome today!
Well, we are in the month of May and the year is still kinda young.
If I remember correctly, some of you who are on my list said that this was the year you would really put in extra effort with your weight/fat loss goals, and wanted some extra emphasis on ab work to get rid of that belly!
Well, you’re in luck!  This is going to be more of an informational post, but your response is still greatly appreciated!
Ok, getting a flat midsection really boils down to two things: 1) Getting rid of the fatty layer that is covering your abdominal muscles; and 2) tightening and toning your abdominal muscles.   Along with a healthy diet, there are many exercises/movements you can perform to get that midsection nice and flat. Let me share 7 of them with you.

The following 7 tight abs tips are your fast-trace to getting a flat, attractive midsection this year! (listed in no particular order)

Tight Abs Tip #1: Perform challenging strength training abdominal exercises at least three times each week. Your abs are like any other muscle in your body—they need to be consistently challenged in order to become stronger and tighter.

Tight Abs Tip #2:
Sorry, but you gotta stop eating junk. Processed foods, refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup do NOT belong in your diet if, especially if you want tight abs. Cutting these items from your diet will allow your body to maintain stable blood sugar levels, alleviating your body’s need to store excess sugar away in fat cells.

The fat stores created by excess sugar intake most often accumulate around your waist, covering up your abdominal muscles. Cut these items from your diet and replace them with real whole foods such as lean meats, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and fruits.

Tight Abs Tip #3:
Stop doing long and slow cardio steady-state workouts. Instead, use HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for your cardio workouts. HIIT training uses intense bursts of cardio peppered throughout your workout. This is a sure-fire way to rev up your metabolism and to get your fat stores to shrink.

Tight Abs Tip #4: Use resistance with your abdominal exercises. Crunches are fine, but your body quickly becomes accustomed to the motion, then they become less effective. Hold a medicine ball or dumbbell at your chest as you perform your crunches—this will force your abs to work harder, and will achieve better results.

Tight Abs Tip #5:Don’t be fooled. The market is flooded with ‘lose weight’ products and stuff that claim to flatten your stomach. Never waste your time or money on:

  1. So-called packaged health food that comes with weight loss claims. If it’s processed in a package with a bunch of chemical additives then it will not help you achieve flat abs. So try your best to avoid the processed foods!
  2. Abdominal exercise gimmicks as sold on late night infomercials – all you really need is your own body weight, an exercise ball and dumbbells or a medicine ball.
  3. So-called weight loss supplements. YIKES! The magic pill for flat abs don’t exist, so you’d be wasting your health and money on a bogus product.  Shoot, give your money to me if you just want to give it away! (lol)

Tight Abs Tip #6: Target your lower abs. It’s easy to neglect the lower abs, but they are an important part of the equation. Incorporate the V-Up into your exercise routine:

Starting Position:  If you are at the gym or have this piece of equipment at home, sit on the edge of an exercise bench; lean back to a 45 degree angle. Extend your legs out until they are level with the floor.  You can also use a chair.

Exhale and bring your knees and upper body close together, while contracting your abdominal’s. Inhale as you slowly release your legs, returning them to the starting position.

Tight Abs Tips #7: Challenge your core often. Don’t limit your abdominal exercise to the gym, incorporate core strengthening during daily life and throughout each workout. A strong core is the foundation for flat, tight abs.

There you have it! Seven tips that, when diligently applied, will help you shed the fat and tighten your abs.

But, keep in mind that your results will be seriously hindered if you do the same exercise routine over and over. Your abs need a progressive challenge in order to transform. This means new exercises, different resistance and increased challenges.

Oh! extra quick tip… to improve the look of your stomach in a matter of seconds – don’t slouch. When you slouch, with shoulders rounded forward, your stomach pooches out. Instead, push your shoulders back, chest up, and pull your abdominals in. And just like that you look slimmer, and by keeping your abs pulled in you are strengthening your core.

Just an FYI…I will be coming out with a quick 10-12 minute video – CRUNCHLESS ABS – very soon that you can  download from my website!  So stay tuned!

I actually thought about posting a pic of my abs, but decided against it!  🙂  The logo pic of my back is enough!

Let me see if I can get at least 40 replies to this post if you are working on trying to get rid of the belly fat and/or having trouble! Let me know what you are doing, ok?

Leave your comment below…

Committed to your fitness success!


5 Responses to “My Belly Is Too Big!”

  1. kay Says:

    Well its sad but true. my stomache looks ridiculous but im gonnaa try your steps above to improve my situation. Do you think i can do it in two months ?

    • Sidney West; Certified Fitness Evangelist Says:

      @kay…thanks for your reply, kay! please try the step above. remember to include a healthy diet with your workout. you asked if results will happen in 2 months. i need more information from you – your current weight/height, your eating habits-you know that kind of stuff. so to answer if you can do it in 2 months depends on a few things.

      @robin..thanks for your reply! yeah, you are correct..there really is no magic bullet unless someone opts for surgery! :). i love you last comment!

      @teresa..aww, don’t say that your “skirt” will never go away! you CAN do it! and, as you shared with your friend, it will take some effort, but it is possible. thanks for sharing this post with your friend as well

      @ lorraine…yes, i will be glad to search for sites that have high intensity interval training, or you can probably do a search on youtube that will have clips of exercises. oh! you can come to my class! we do HIIT there, too! 🙂 continue doing what you’re doing (and eating a good diet) and you will see results!

  2. Robin Says:

    Hi Sidney – You speak the truth! I wish acacia berries or magic fat burning stuff worked. It’s working out the makes the difference. And I’ve seen results from working out the “Sidway”. Everybody has a six pack, it’s just a matter of how far back in the fridge it is!

  3. Teresa Says:

    Hey Sid!

    I am glad you brought up ABS considering mine is so LARGE! My girlfriend calls the bottom part of a flabby belly a skirt and she strongly believes it will never go away. I told her with the right type of exercise I’m sure it will. That’s why I sent you the text a few weeks ago regarding my SKIRT! Thanks for the tips and I will be more than happy to share this with my friend.

  4. Lorraine Says:

    Hi Sid,
    I have started incorporating more cardio into my workout to get my abs flatter. I have notice a difference ! Are there HIIT vidoes that you can recommend? Thanks for the blog. My stomach is the one area that no matter what i have done in the past still linger around. I will incorporate the tips you have listed.



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