Why you do what you do…

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderfully blessed day..

I have received several emails about this blog and if I would re-post it!  Thank you for your comments.   Here is the re-post. Enjoy!

Have you ever asked yourself why you do certain things?

Do you do it for pure enjoyment, pleasure or satisfaction, or do you do it just as a mundane task that you do without any regard – you know, just a boring routine that you follow week in and week out.  Why do you do it?

Well, whatever the reason you do what you do is, it is because there is a benefit or reward somewhere in it for you or someone else– whether we like doing it or not.

Let’s take church for example. We go Sunday after Sunday, (or even weekdays),we read our bible, pray, and worship routinely…why? Is it just out of habit? Nah, I don’t think that, but I know it pleases God and, hopefully you, knowing that you are pleasing Him!

Hmmm..why do you do, what you do? 

The same concept can apply for work.  The average work day is 5 days a week, Monday – Friday.  We go to our jobs like clockwork.  Why do we work; that’s really a no-brainer, it will be a long list all of they reasons  why we work!

Back to exercise.  I asked two of my exercise classes this  question “why do you do what you do?” 

The responses were pretty amazing!  A few of them were the same, but many of the responses were very different.  One response was to “be sexy again”!  And another was “for my family”.   One expressed the benefit for themselves and one expressed the benefit of what they do is for others; both positive.

Now ask yourself – even if you don’t exercise – why do you do what you do?  If you don’t exercise there’s gotta be a some sort of reason behind it, right?   I would really love to see the responses!  You can all take part in this – exercisers and non-exercisers!  I really would like to see (read) “why you do what you do”…

One responder replied that “I just don’t like it” (exercise).  That was a very honest response!

If you want me to share my list of “why I do what I do”, I will!

Let me see what you have to say! Please leave me a comment!

..and have a great day!!!

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