I Want It Now…!!

Hello, All!  I hope you are going great today!

Sorry that i have not blogged in a few weeks!  But I am back!

Today, I would like to talk about the most extreme thing you have done to lose weight.

We are living in a society with an “I want it now” mentality.  We want things fast and we want them now.  We have lost the art of waiting it seems, or patience.

We don’t want to go thru a process anymore of going from A-Z, or should I say, we want to go thru the process, but we want to speed it up.

We have a means of cooking our foods quickly – the microwave;

We have high-speed internet, we have 3G smartphones (now 4G) to have quick access to information

When we are hungry, we don’t want to wait; your stomach says “hey! feed me now!” So you hit the drive thru.

My wife even said the we want elevators to come faster, so people keep pushing the button!

Shoot, we even drive fast (not sure if it’s because you’re running late)

Yes, we are living in a world of “I want it now”…and that brings me to the topic of weight loss..

People want to lose weight fast, too!  As a fitness professional, I know it takes about a one year commitment or more; depending on your goal, to lose weight, get healthy and maintain.

Unfortunately, people do not want to commit to a year timetable and do it the proper way – they want to speed up the process by trying extreme fad diets, detox diets, restrictive or deprivation diets, or drinking a combination of something thinking they will lose the weight (and keep it off)..

Sorry to say that it just don’t work that way!  There is no magic bullet .

The diet that seems to be all the rage now is the detox or master cleanse diets.  These diets restrict certain foods and you are directed to drink a mixture of something, and you can detoxify select body systems and lose weight at the same time.  A word of caution here because there is still no evidence that these work to detoxify your body.

Yes, you will lose weight, but most of that is water weight and it is not permanent and the “diet” is nutritionally unbalanced.  A healthy body is already designed to take care of toxins.  The liver, kidney and other digestive acids do a good job of this already!

Ok, enough about that – I could probably go on, but I want to hear from you, my blog readers.

What is THE MOST EXTREME thing you (or someone you know) have done to lose weight?  And were you able to keep it off?

If you have mastered the art of waiting, that is a great thing because you really do need to have patience when it comes to weight loss.

So, again let me hear from you.  Your response may be able to help someone else reading the blog.

What is the most extreme thing you have done to lose weight.

Please leave me a comment!

4 Responses to “I Want It Now…!!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I never did anything extreme, I just didn’t do anything at all, and well, that didn’t work. I read somewhere that the best way to lose weight and maintain that weight loss is to lose it slowly over time through diet and exercise. You don’t get fast results, but you get lasting results.

    Sidney, I took your R2R class for 1 1/2 years fairly consistently and that was my primary form of exercise other than dog walking. I lost a total of 12 lbs and 3 sizes and I have kept it off since (coming up on 1 year since I moved out of the area and had to stop taking your class). Through diet and exercise I have lost an additional 4 lbs and I am continuing working on being healthy.

    Thank you for the continued motivation!!!

  2. ALESIA Says:

    The most extreme thing I did to lose weight is join Sid’s bootcamp. I made a decision to be healthy and eat correctly. A lot of things I use to snack on was removed from my house and desk. You have to decide the value of your life and make the sacrafice to live smarter and longer. We take care of everything and everyone except ourselves. Make your extreme decision worth waiting on for positive results.

  3. Teresa Says:

    I have taken diet pills, trying to speed up the process. I kept it off for a year without exercising or eating healthy and so the fad was over!

    I am starting to learn to be patient with my weight loss and not be discouraged, with the assistance of Sid and my dear friend Tammy! I put 5 pounds on in 5 minutes but it took me 2 plus months to loose 7!!!!!

    I have committed to myself that it will be AT LEAST a year before I see good results, but I am more determined now than I have ever been.


  4. Omar Says:

    I once used pilled with ephedra. It worked for a little bit but when I got off of them the weight just came right back.

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