uggh! cookies! my food downfall..!

Hello, everyone, I hope you are doing great today!

As I was driving into work the other day, I thought to myself..boy wouldn’t it be nice to have some double stuff Oreo cookies!?






It was a thought that I did not act upon!  That evening, I shared my thought with one of my exercise classes and they laughed, too.  Well, I right this blog to say that, even as a fitness professional, we all have our vices and/or weaknesses when it comes to food. 

Mine, as some of you may know, is cookies. Lord hammercy. I do love me some cookies! And my wife, being the great baker that she is, makes great cookies, too!

Certified in many areas, including sports nutrition, I do understand that it is hard to just go cold turkey and not eat some of the things you like to eat! I recommend eating those things you like, in moderation. 

So do I have my cookies? You bet I do! Oh! I have to tell you; for the first time in my life on Thursday, February 10, 2011, I had a TWIX candy bar! And boy was that thing good!  It really was…now, mind you I can go without a candy bar; it isn’t one of my vices, or struggles…but the Twix was a combination of cookie and milk chocolate!

Now, I love the Lord; but you may ask, “Sidney did you every pray about giving up cookies”?  Lord Jesus, help.  No, I did not. I also know  prayer changes things, and when I  am weak, He will give me the strength that I need. 

But I do know that on the weekend that I will be having one or two big chocolate chip cookies!  Then, my soul is satisfied!

So you see, the reality of it all if you have a vice, or weakness when it comes to certain foods, you are not alone.  I think there are many fitness professionals who eat stuff too! If there is a fitness professional out there that does not eat something every now and then, I would like to meet them and give them their props! 🙂 Whew! Cause I for one know it’s hard.

I have become accustomed to just eating certain types of food (right foods) at this point in my life. But I will tell you, cookies are NOT off of the list. I do laugh sometimes at myself about this!  Can I go a month without them? Yes.

It takes dedication and a new mindset.  You have to have that on this lifestyle change of better health.

I know this may be a bit humorous to you, and I hope it is, but is there anyone out there like me that can relate?  I always say that we are in this fitness lifestyle together!  I am here to help. working on our “house” is a continual process.

I think if I have a similar situation or experience that you can relate to, the help is much easier.


So what is your food vice, or weakness?  Let’s share. You may be able to relate to someone else who leaves a comment. And who knows; maybe your comment will help someone else strive to do better.

uhm, ahh..uhm…Is anyone hungry for some chocolate chip cookies now??

Leave me a comment – I would love to hear what you have to say!

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7 Responses to “uggh! cookies! my food downfall..!”

  1. Marilyn W.Floyd Says:

    My food weakness is “french fries”. So far, I haven’t met a french fry that I didn’t like. There was a time when I ate french fries almost everyday. Then, during one of those time periods, I did a “cold turkey” thing for 6 months…(as an experiment) yes, 6 months without my beloved french fries. My weight dropped considerably during that “cold turkey” period. It kind of scared my doctor, but I reassured him that stopping the fries for 6 months is what triggered the weight loss. No other major changes…just “dropping the fries dropped the weight”.

  2. Teresa Says:

    Help me! Mine is pizza, I LOVE PIZZA! I have opted to let pizza go cold turkey (for now) until I’m able to eat it in moderation. I am able to control my other weaknesses for certain foods but PIZZA nope can’t do it LoL

    • Sidney West; Certified Fitness Evangelist Says:

      pizza! who doesnt like pizza! and the thing about pizza is that it can actually be healthy! (if you don’t get alot of “stuff” on it) mindful of how many pieces of pizza you eat. you said you went cold-turkey; if you can, make a whole wheat one- and load it with veggies-delicious! that way you can still have your pizza and eat it too! thanks for your reply, teresa! you said you

  3. Lisa H. Says:

    If chocolate cookies didn’t exist I’d be the most fit person in the world! I’m still working on moderation. Pray my strength in the Lawd! 🙂

    • Sidney West; Certified Fitness Evangelist Says:

      ok, sorry, but this made me laugh! will cerainly be prayin’ your strenf! but i see you too, have a craze for cookies too! we will have to pray together.
      but i firmly believe that you can do it in moderation. try eating three instead of 6 or 7; it will be easier after that. thanks for your reply and you can do it!

  4. Andrea Says:

    I know what you mean. My weakiness is ice cream. It takes a lot whole lot of self control, to not have you favorite foods or desserts when you see them. But like you said moderation is the key. I could never honestly say, I would never have ice cream again.

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