Will you be in the number?

Hello! I hope you are doing GREAT today!  I had some inquiries regarding the TRAIN1000 event, so I thought I would repost this!

On Monday, January 17, we celebrated the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.   If we can embrace what Martin Luther King stood for, and spoke about, this holiday can also be a day that is considered a day of service.  Although we are familiar with Dr. Kings infamous speech “I Have a Dream“, Dr. King also has made many quotes which are considered to be some of the most famous quotations of all time.  One quotation from Dr. King that brought one of my goals into perspective is this one:  “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ 


What am I doing for others….. What am I doing for others?

Several weeks ago I stated in my newsletter that one of my goals was to train 1,000 people in two years or less, starting in 2011 and ending in 2013.  Training and helping others with exercise and diet to get healthy is my passion; my God-given gift.  That is what I purpose to do to help others.  

You’ve may read where I said that we are in the season of wellness; and I want to make 2011 the best year for fitness ever and really need your help in order to accomplish this task! 

 I say the season of wellness because:

  • more and more individuals have recognized the benefits of exercise and sensible eating
  • more and more individuals have taken a self-analysis of themselves and have come to the conclusion that they, too, need to do better as it relates to their health and wellness.
  • more and more individuals have visited their doctor, and at the end of the appointment, the doctor recommended exercise and a change of diet
  • more and more individuals have been diagnosed with sickness and diseases (HBP, CVD, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc)  later in life; which may have been prevented if they had taken precautions in the early years
  • more and more individuals are experiencing aches and pains in their joints due to limited or no physical activity (atrophy) and now wish to start improving the quality of life with physical activity
  • obesity is an epidemic not only in adults, but children, too
  • our children are now getting adult diseases!


We all know of someone who falls into one or all of the categories – friends, family or co-workers – we all know someone. So this is why I need your participation! Can you help me train 1,000 people within the next 2 years?

Training 1,000 is my plan to help others and I am extremely excited about this.  I have exercise programs and meal plans tailored to fit every individual fitness level and need; all at affordable pricing.

Please contact your churches, schools, corporations, friends and family members! You can be part of this wonderful event, too!  Let’s start changing the statistics of poor health.

I know that my gift is not for me, but to share, and sharing the gift is my ultimate goal.  Training 1,000 is my way of paying it  forward.   That is why I am asking for your help so I can reach that goal. 

The training will be done as a group, inside or outside, DVD and/or video!

Let me help you, and others, with making the lifestyle change to get in the best health possible!


My bootcamps run year-round. From late April – October they are held outdoors; winter time, November  to early April, the bootcamps are held inside.  Oh! If you have a facility and would like for me to come there, I will make arrangements for that, too.  

If you, or a group of you, are in another city, I can set up video, or training can be done via my DVD, or I can set up a bootcamp or group exercise program there – I travel.  There is no limit of  what can be accomplished.  Sure, I know I may have to make adjustments along the way, but hey, that shouldn’t stop our progress.


The Train-1000 Body By Sid event starts NOW! You can call or email and I will provide more details. 

I would like for you to help me make this happen so please spread the word!  If there are church groups that participate, 10% will go back to the respective churches.

Special pricing is available for this event.  Reference code Train1000  to save 15% of off the 1-hour bootcamp/group exercise class with a 6-month committment. Other specials are forthcoming!  

 So you see,  I really do need your help to make this successful!  This is my way of doing [helping] for others – and I enjoy what I do!


So, I am doing something to help others.   Plus, I have HOPE = Helping Other People Exercise  (I just thot of that as I wrote this blog) and I know that this will help many men and women.  Please come and join me!

I’d like to know what you think.  Please leave me a comment!


614-286-9726  text “I want a Body By Sid” and I will get back to you!

2 Responses to “Will you be in the number?”

  1. Jerry Peterson Says:

    This article was inspiring and I have set a goal for 2011 to be in the best health I can possibly be in. I have feel this willl be accomplished through prayer and this Great fitness expert. who has dedicated his life to seeing God people healthy and whole. I am not ashame of the program he offers so I will be shouting it from the high mountain..”Let those who have a ear, hear what the spirit is say. 3John3

  2. Elizabeth A Hicks Says:

    Wonderful article. Thank you.

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