Once Upon A Time……

Once upon a time there was a person who wanted to try an exercise class called “bootcamp”.  The name itself, “bootcamp” seemed intimidating and daunting, to say the least.  You see, that person led a sedentary lifestyle with poor eating habits, and an out-of-whack work/life/family balance was taking its toll. But, that person came to the realization that their health was a priority and decided, enough is enough! “I need a lifestyle change and I need to exercise and eat a sensible diet”!    That person had a mindset change and with faith, tried the bootcamp.

When that person started bootcamp, they could NOT do ANY traditional pushups.
When that person started bootcamp, they could NOT do ANY full sit-ups.
When that person started bootcamp , they could NOT run 1/4 mile.
When that person started bootcamp , they doubted they could lose weight/inches and was unhappy inside

When that person started bootcamp , they were unhappy inside
When that person started bootcamp, they had multiple conditions and took medications.
When that person started bootcamp , they almost quit and said “I can’t do this”.

Several weeks later, that person realized that with bootcamp they can NOW DO traditional push-ups.
That person CAN NOW do full sit-ups.
That person CAN NOW run 1 mile (or more)

That person CAN NOW see that their body has changed, and lost inches and weight
That person CAN NOW look at themselves in the mirror and smile
That person CAN NOW execute many, many squats
That person CAN NOW be taken off some, and/or reduce medication.

That person had a renewing of the mind and learned too, that bootcamp works and that they CAN do it!

So you see.. once upon a time, there WAS a person who said they “can’t”, now that person “CAN”.

Who can relate to that person? Is that person you?

THE SPIRITUAL EMPOWERMENT FITNESS BOOTCAMP: Getting your body lined up with the word of God and empowering you to get the ultimate fitness experience for your well-being.  Well-being is the health of the “whole” person in mind, body and soul.  True, bootcamp may not be for everyone, but… At the SEFB bootcamp you can exercise at your own pace.  At the SEFB bootcamp, there are participants at all fitness levels. At the SEFB bootcamp, the instructor starts and ends the session with prayer.  At the SEFB bootcamp, you recieve nutritional guidance.  At the SEFB bootcamp, you will learn that there is a group of participants who care for, and support  each other; you become part of the family.  At the SEFB bootcamp we advocate for the well-being efforts of others…. At the bootcamp you will see that it is not just about exercise, but it is also a ministry.  At the bootcamp….

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One Response to “Once Upon A Time……”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Awesome – awesome awesome

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