My 2011 predictions

My 2011 Predictions…

Hey there..I hope you are doing great today!  I believe this is going to be a tremendous, “blow your mind” year for you!  I mentioned in the newsletter that I sent a few days ago that I was going to share with you my 2011 predictions regarding the fitness industry.  No, I don’t have a crystal ball or magice wand or anything like that..this is just something I wanted to share !  So here they are!   

Prediction #1

Bootcamps and group training sessions will be the main stream of exercise.

More and more bootcamps and group-ex classes are sprouting up more and more.  This is the season of wellness and people are recognizing that they need a change – a healthy change.  Health/wellnes is even being touted from the White House and I am sure you hear many commercials about exercise.  This is where I see the bootcamps flourishing.  Some of the benefits of a bootcamp: allow bootcamp instructors to train more people in less time;  for the participant, it eliminates the guesswork out of trying to figure out what  exercises to do; meal plans are offered;  they are challenging; they burn fat; it has the social aspect by being a group of people working out together -a “community” – where the participants are accountable to each other, support and encourage each other, and the bootcamps are proven to work! 


However, since the bootcamps are on the rise, that means a decline in 1-on-1 personal training.

Prediction #2

There will be more baby boomers working out. 

This means that there will be  need for more low to moderate impact classes for the active older adults.  It is never too late to start, so more and more seniors are benefiting from exercise.  People are living longer and many of the older adults are for some reason forgotten about!  We know the benefits of exercising eating right,  so I believe that seniors will be taking advantage exercise and physical activity.  Even moderate exercise can improve their health.


Prediction #3

More lawsuits will be filed due to negligence.

Yikes! I hate to say it but due to the increase of people exercising, wanting to join a bootcamp or even hire personal trainers, that means more trainers – uncertified, or bootleg trainers – will be on the rise looking to take advantage of this and capitalize on the market without the proper qualifications.  Depending on the state, trainers must be certified  to conduct personal training.  In my fitness managment magazines that I’ve read, I don’t think there has not been an edition that did not have an article discussing this issue. Many of the lawsuits may go unreported, but I believe they will be on the rise.


Prediction #4

More African Americans will finally recognize and understand the benefits of healthy living – exercise and eating right – and invest in their health. 

Although this news has been around for years regarding obesity,  sickness and disease that plague African Americans,  I predict that more African Americans will be proactive in doing the right thing by making that healthy lifestyle change.  The excuses not to exercise should drop!  Again, the benefits of exercise and eating right are substantial.


So there you have it!  This is what I “see”…! 

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