*@!#_?!*$%#! THE DEVIL IS A LIE!!

Hello, All….

I hope you are being wonderfully blessed today!  Below is a blog post I sent  almost 8 months ago and thought it would be good to send it again. 

When I first send this blog post, I had a about 44 people on the email list, and I got 169 opens and quite a few responses.   I have more on the list now, and would like to see if the thoughts have changed; have you done anything to help change the negative perception and improve the image of blacks and our exercise habits.  

I know we are portrayed negatively in many areas, but I want to focus on our health and well being.   I would really like to receive at least 100 comments!  Please read and let me know your thoughts!

Ok, the following statement is what I found on another blog.    It is regarding fitness and health for the African Americans.  What is your opinion of what this blogger states.  Read.

10-22-2008, 08:36 AM

Negroes will “preform” as directed “for profit” but very seldom will actually voluntarily burden themselves with the responsibility of developing and or controlling their own fitness or health.

Like the out dated farm equipment they actually were intended to be;they can be driven,but left to their own devices; will simply sit and rust in the fields.

Yes, the statement is crass, ignorant and quite racist.  At first I wanted to uhm,  well, never mind ( I had to turn the other cheek).. ….But think about it for a minute….does this statement hold any truth as it relates to our health and fitness?  

If you read this blog the first time I sent it, thank you, and let me know if you have any additional comments. 

 What do you have to say?

 Please leave me a comment!  ( I hope to get at least 100 by Friday)

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2 Responses to “*@!#_?!*$%#! THE DEVIL IS A LIE!!”

  1. Walking Queen Says:

    Grrrr…I responded the first time you posted this. It doesnt sting as bad reading it this time although it’s still kinda rough. There is “some” truth behind what was said but I would not apply it to all “negroes”. I agree with Chelle that most times we do not seek to make a change until the doctor gives us a warning regarding a pending condition.

    Health, fitness, diet and exercise just arent things that are pushed on us growing up. It is a vicious cycle that seems may never be broken. Generations after generations eating the same way with really no intentions of changing. We’ve become complacent in our bondage.

  2. Chelle Says:

    You are right the statement is crass but honestly the thought behind it is true because think about it…we will only exercise because the doctor told us we need to lose weight because if we don’t we’re gonna die from high blood pressure or diabetes or heart disease. But we have to get motivated to start exercising even before we get to the doctors. We have to be more proactive in all areas of our lives if we want to be healthy in all areas of our lives! Thanks cuz for the ‘eye-opener’!!

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