“For as often as ye eat of this bread and drink this cup…”

Do the words in the subject line sound familiar to you?  Here is the entire scripture:

 1 Corinth 11:26 (KLV)  For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do shew the Lord’s death till he come. 

This is part of what we recite during the Lords Supper, or Communion, in church – mostly on the first Sunday of each month – where we partake of the bread and the wine.

Notice I said in church.  Well, the participants at the Spiritual Empowerment Fitness Boot Camp (SEFB) had the Lords Supper, too.  We were outside at the park where we exercise for “life”.   I can tell you that God is doing something awesome within the boot camp.  So I had to blog about this!   The SEFB is not the ordinary boot camp!  No, it is not! We do more than just exercise as you will see when you continue reading.

God is doing an awesome work! 

There were members of the Triedstone Missionary Baptist Church who were to have communion on Wednesday night, June 30,  instead of on the first Sunday of July.   During camp Monday night, two of the campers had the the wonderful idea and asked if the Lords Supper could be held after Wednesday’s camp session.   God is moving.  I checked to see what arrangements could be made.  God is moving.  The arrangements were made and confirmed that the Lord’s Supper would be given at SEFB.

The SEFB is blessed to have ministers, elders and deacons as exercise particpants! 

Wednesday the campers exercised; and they exercised hard!  After camp it was planned to have Lords Supper for 7 people; but God is moving.  There were 14 campers who stayed to participate in the Lords Supper.  And some from different denominations.   What a blessing!   This is a testament that the “church” is not just inside four walls. 

The experience of  that moment we shared was overwhelming!  It was truly a blessing not only to me but to the other campers.    I often tell the campers that we are “set apart”.  We exercise together, we pray together..and now we fellowshipped together by taking the Lords Supper.

I’m sure there may be some people  who may negatively criticize  what we do, but  as long as God is the center, and we do what we do to glorify Him, he will continue to bless!   

Yes, SEFB is more than just exercise.  The camp is unique because people are there getting needs satisfied; emotional, physical and spiritual!  SEFB has a special anointing. Glory to God!

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5 Responses to ““For as often as ye eat of this bread and drink this cup…””

  1. Cinnamon Says:

    Wow, what a blessing to see the Lord’s work! I am a good friend/family of Jill Campbell. I live in New Jersey. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for my sister Jill. I sure wish I were there at SEFB to get FIT with you ladies [and men]. What a blessing it is to see sisters [and brothers] in Christ moving in the Spirit of Christ. May God continue to bless you all and let the world see the anointing of the Holy Spirit in and throughout your Boot Camp. GLORY TO GOD!!!! You go girls!!! 🙂

    • Sidney West; Certified Fitness Evangelist Says:

      thank you for taking the time to post a comment, cinnamon. it is greatly appreciated. and i do agree with you – it is a blessing to see the Lord’s work! this ministry is blessed and words simply can not describe it! and thank you for your prayer that the world see the anointing of the holy spirit throughout the SEFB!! i receive that.

  2. Alesia Mac Says:

    Glory be to GOD for All the Great things He has done for us! Unique is how I describe our bootcamp. God has given us the opportunity to minister and exercise physically and spiritually. We may be the only Church people see- What message are we sending?

  3. LaToya Says:

    What a blessing that was to me! God said where two or more are gathered in my name, there He is also….I felt His presence and annointing in His nature…honoring Him! What an experience!!! Be blessed and come see how you can achieve your need to get – fit!!

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