my grand canyon experience

Last week I was in the grand canyon and it was an awesome sight to behold.  Oh what His hands have made! 







I must admit, I had always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, not just for its astounding beauty, but for the thrill of being outdoors and wanting to hike thru it; or some of it at least.  

Well, I thank the Lord the opportunity was granted!   I was excited about this and the drive and thought of hiking in the Grand Canyon made me even more excited.  I know not everyone has that same feeling as me – but I like a challenge  (especially at my age  🙂 ), just to see if I can do.    For you see, it is a mind thing; I believe you can do whatever it is you set out to do!  Just change your way of thinking.

 I was prepared for the hike: I had my hiking shoes on, my thick hiking socks, my back pack filled with beef jerky, water, snacks, and some first aid gear.  

When we arrived at the actual site of the Grand Canyon all we could do was stare.  The sight was just awesome.  

Once we got over praising Him for His awesome work, and the splendor that was before us, I had to inquire about the hiking trail.  (I had initially inquired at the hotel and from what I was told, it made my desire even stronger to tackle the trail). 

I found the trial, BRIGHT ANGEL TRAIL.  This trail is not for just anyone to hike; daunting, yet it is doable.  I looked at the magnitude of how high up we were, and how far we had to descend.  My adrenaline was flowing – like a flood. I couldn’t even hold my camera steady!  “I want to do this thing” kept ringing in my head over and over.   I have video commentary of our hike, but for some reason it isnt uploading properly!

There were 3 of us in the  hiking group; on the way down we could tell it would be a welcomed challenge.  One in the group said “I’ve come too far not to do this; I’m gonna do it”.  What an amazing, self-encouraging and motivating thing to say!   Again, it’s a mind thing.   That statement made me even more excited. 

 As we continued our descent; we passed people who were having trouble ascending the trail; some where sitting and resting, some were just plumb wore out and said “never again”.  Some were not adequately prepared or dressed for the hike.  But seeing all of this did not stop us.  We went down…and down…and down….and passed more people that were headed up the trail, and also going down.  (Going down was not as easy as it looked either).

Another thing that I kept thinking about was it pays to exercise.  I kept saying that over and over. I am so glad I exercise.   I kept thinking of the benefits of exercise and how it has afforded me to hike the Bright Angel Trail (and other trails in Arizona) and succeed. 

The benefits of exercise are not just conditioning of my body, but life changing as well.  I thought about the people we passed on the way down, and on the way up,  that were having some struggles; out of breath, sitting in the dirt, some not knowing if they can make it back to the starting point.  I wondered how they prepared for this hike and did they do any exercise at all.  Then I  thought about exercise again and how I have become conditioned and how it has changed my life for the better.

Exercise also builds your confidence level; improves your self esteem and gives you the courage to confront some things/challenges that you may not have wanted to face.  I am a witness; and I am sure some of you reading this are, too!

So today, if you have exercised and it has been rewarding to you in some way, please leave me a comment on something(s) you were able to do as a result of exercise.  

If you have not exercised, and you know some things have stopped you because you felt you could not do it, please know that it is not too late to start on an exercise program.  And you too, will have that exhilarating feeling of accomplishment and all that goes with exercise!

4 Responses to “my grand canyon experience”

  1. jackie Says:

    Many people have said it is a beautiful site when u see the Grand Canyon, I am glad u got to see and had someone in the group that was motivated to continue their journey along with u. Yes excercise does help with many things mentally rewarding and a physical reward.

  2. Terri Says:

    Awesome Pics Sid…I love the outdoors as well, you have inspired me once again and I’m looking forward to your July class, Thanks for Sharing !

  3. Angela Says:

    So…all the donkeys were assigned to the other groups? WOW! you have inspired me to want to hike this trail the next time I am visiting Nevada. I’m sure that I will be praying all the way up and descending down too.

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