does exercise and eating right really work?

Does exercise and eating right really work?

That is a question many people still debate, ponder and are skeptical about. For real. Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Well, as an exercise enthusiast, I believe you would already know my answer to that would be ‘yes’ if I were asked that. The problem I think does not lie in if it works, I believe it is getting started doing it is what needs to be overcome.

So, it works only IF YOU DO IT.

If you are not accustomed to exercise, the hard part really is getting started. You thought about starting, then didn’t do it. Then you may have thought of it again. Then finally you moved forward with it! 

You know it will be a new beginning for you, but keep in mind that all new beginnings start with a thought. The next thing is to put that thought into action! Nothing will happen unless you DO something when it comes to exercise.

I often say to my classes “if you only put 30% in, you will get 30% or less out”.  So if a total effort is put forth, you will gain great results. Granted there are different levels and those who can go 100% and only go 60% will get results, but it will take longer.  For example, I know I can do 20  pushups. So when I’m working out, and my exercise calls for 20 pushup, why would I only do 7 and stop?  

Ok, maybe we can all relate to this example! Let’s say we are going to bake a cake:

LydraQuay opens up the box, pours the cake powder in the pan, adds eggs; she doesn’t follow any of the directions. She then adds the other ingredients and puts it directly in the oven – no mixing, nothing. LydraQuay bakes the cake for the required amount of time. LydraQuay bakes quite frequently and can never understand why her cakes never turn out the way she wants. She knows she takes the time to do but she just wants to get the cake done. She serves the cake.

Shalontra, on the other hand, wants her cake to be delicious for her family and guests. So she reads directions, gets her ingredients lined up, pours the cake powder in the bowl, adds eggs and other ingredients, beats the batter with the mixer, pours the batter in the bowl with care. She places it in the pre-heated oven for the required amount of time. The cake comes out just as she hoped! She smiles. 

Yes, they both got results when the cake was done, but who do you think got the better results?

The example may be a bit extreme, but it is very similar with your fitness goals you want achieve. If you put the time and effort in, or 110% in, you will get 110% results! You are producing a new you! So think of it that way.

Again, it begins with that thought. The renewing of your mind. Then you put that thought into action. Nothing will happen unless you take action. You may be slow getting started, yes, but you have got to keep going to produce the results.

Sometime your cake may not come out the way you want, but there is always a next time.

So yes, exercise does work. You will get out what you put in!  There are many benefits as a result of exercise and eating right.

There is more I can say on this, but I like to keep my blogs short! If you are accustomed to exercising, new to exercising, or wanting to start exercising, please let me know what you think!  How much effort will you put in?  Leave me a comment!

3 Responses to “does exercise and eating right really work?”

  1. Lechelle Says:


    I so totally believe that exercise and eating right does work!! You couldn’t tell me that though a year ago because I wasn’t in my “right” mind then! But ever since I asked God to remove the “blinders” from my eyes and show me how to truly take care of this temple that He dwells in, I have a whole new perspective on making sure I eat right and get plenty of exercise. I will not lie…it was so extremely hard at first because I was so used to eating what I wanted and never exercising so I had to fight to continue on my path to a healthier me. And I had to remember that I was doing this to please the Lord and to get healthy so I could be around longer for my daughter. I also knew it would grow me spiritually because it requires a LOT of discipline and I was lacking in discipline in my spiritual life. It is still hard for me to get up at 3:30 in the morning so I can study my Bible, pray and exercise all before I start work at 8:00. But it is so worth it because of the results I have seen in myself spiritually, mentally and physically. And I am going to eat right and exercise even when I reach my weight loss goal because not only does it help me become healthier physically, it causes me to become healthy spiritually!


    • Sidney West; Certified Fitness Evangelist Says:

      that is great news to hear, Lechelle. yes, it is hard, but what comes easy? hard work pays off. and you’re rite. it is a mind thing. so you do grow both physically and spiritually! i am so glad to hear that you took those blinder off, had a renewing of your mind and now have taken action!! God bless you!

  2. Aisha Q Says:

    Perfect timing, I believe it works (when you do it) as well…on my way to walk.

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