Pastor or Boot Camp Instructor??

Well, it is now more than a month since I last met with the Mastermind group in Vegas..when I was there I was asked this question by one of the group members: “Are you the pastor of your church in Ohio”? Now why would he ask that?? I laughed in jest and said “no..I am not the pastor of my church. I am just a member of my church”.  For some reason, he thought I “fit” the image of a preacher.  Oh.

But as I think about it, am I really the pastor of my “church”?  My boot camp, that is.  As I thought about it more, there are many characteristics that are similar as far as what I do for boot camp and what the pastor does for his/her church. I started thinking about this question again…here is what I came up with:

The pastor has to gain a following – the congregation. Sometimes the congregation starts off small and grows.   

For me, the Boot Camp Instructor, I have to also gain a following. Start small, and in due time, the camp will grow.  

Pastor: has to preach the Word; write sermons, and study to ensure what he preaches is sound doctrine. Thinking while driving on what the next sermon will be; praying that the Lord give them a word.

Me: I have to study exercise technique, write exercise programs, and to instruct on proper methods to execute the movements and make sure what I instruct is sound. Up late at night or early morning, thinking while doing EVERYTHING on what the next routine will be and seeking help from the Lord.

Pastor: will have different levels of saints in the congregation. Some are new, or also called babes in Christ. Others are more seasoned. So he has to feed the sheep at different levels.

Me: I will have different levels of fitness to contend with. Some are not accustomed to exercise at all and are in the learning phase(babes) and others are in the middle or well accustomed to exercise. So I have to balance out the exercise routines.

Pastor: must be available to support his congregation it seems 24/7: weddings, funerals, parties, etc. He/She has a direct connection with his congregants and devotes a lot of time to them.

Me: my time is offered in coaching calls, emails, miscellaneous phone calls, providing support etc.. I have to have a direct connection with my campers and devote a lot of time to them

Pastor: accepts you for who you are and wants you to believe God for everything




Me: accepts you for who you are and wants you to believe God even in health and wellness.  And have our body’s line of with the word of God as the scriptures have indicated. 

Pastor: consistently prays for his members because it is not about him/her, but about God and the assignment that God has given them

Me: consistently prays for my campers because it is not about me, but to follow through on the assignment/calling on my life.

Pastor:  provides encouragement during difficult time and to let the saints know that they will be victorious

Me:  provides encouragement and positive reinforcement and lets the Campers know that they can overcome bad eating habits, can lose the extra weight and, too, can be victorious

These are just a few of the characteristics that I came up with. Hmmm…so, could it be that I AM the pastor of my “church”, the boot camp? oh boy…

I am way off base with this comparison? Let me know what you think…

9 Responses to “Pastor or Boot Camp Instructor??”

  1. ELDER Says:

    Awesome! Where I thought u were going with this is…if we “the people” are the church…shouldnt i be the “Pastor” of my church…things that make you go…hhmmm! Great job Bishop West…LOL!

  2. Marilyn W.Floyd Says:

    Yes! You are definitely the Pastor of your Boot Camp! 8 years ago, I jotted down some spiritual analogies to physical fitness. The opportunity to share them never presented itself during the past 8 years. Well, I think the opportunity has now presented itself. The analogies seem to support the idea that you are, indeed, the Pastor.

    1.) The “warm-up jog” (WITHOUT WEIGHTS) that you instruct your boot campers to do, represents LAYING ASIDE EVERY WEIGHT AND RUNNING WITH PATIENCE THE RACE THAT HAS BEEN SET BEFORE THEM…Hebrews 12:1.
    2.) “Lifting” represents LIFTING UP THE NAME OF JESUS.
    3.) “Knee Bends” represent KNEELING IN PRAYER.
    7.) “Fitness Training Sessions” INCLUDES Sunday School Classes, Bible Study Classes, and Christian Workshops/Seminars.


  3. Tammy B. Says:

    Love it! And YES, what you’re doing does compare to that of a “Pastor” or “Bishop”. And we are like the body in Christ…hungry for something! Wanting a need to be met,so we may be able to witness to others. We can’t share that in which we’ve not experienced. Right? And just like a Sunday message, bootcamp may have us feeling bad when we leave but what we actually get out of it is far more important.

  4. Joy Says:

    Excellent! Yes I would say you are the pastor of your exercise church. This goes along with the word I was given to share at our final class. Just as church members go out and share the word we receive from our pastor, we as “boot campers” go out to share what we received in boot camp. As the Bible says, “once you are converted, go strengthen your brother.” That is what we are doing. We take what you teach us and share it with whoever will listen! So expect your class to continue to grow because people are hungry now for a healthier lifestyle. We tell them how welcoming your camp is, the comraderie(sp?) and atmosphere is like no other. We are accepted just as we are, all different sizes and levels of fitness. Never would I think that I would be able to encourage someone to cross the finish line as I was always the last one in times past. Now I know how it feels to be the encourager…sometimes. I thank God for the growth, the feeling of accomplishment. So, we cant help but go out and share what God is doing with us through you and your ministry!

  5. Lechelle Says:

    Sidney, you are so on target and that why God is blessing you by leaps and bounds and why He will continue to do so! I am praying that your “flock” will grow so much that even you will be amazed at the Hand of God and the many lives that you are reaching with this wonderful gift! Because being fit and healthy physically also plays a part in how fit and healthy our spirit is. And God is using you to show people this very thing! Keep it up cuz or do I say Bishop! Be blessed!!

  6. Aisha Q Says:

    how bout “Bishop over the Division of Exercise”?

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