My Boot Campers Cried Last Night…

It’s only been and few days since the 8 week winter session ended and we are about to being the spring session on April 30th.  For the last 8 weeks, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the 7:30pm hour, 20 or so men and women consistently prepare themselves to head down to the local YMCA in preparation for their boot camp workout.   Not only did they have to physically get prepared but they also, I’m sure, had to prepare their minds as well.   For exercise is not just physical, it is also a mind thing.     

As I reflect, this particular group of Campers were somehow “different”.  Not that the other Campers I instructed in the past were not up to par or anything like that – that’s not what I’m saying..but this group was, again, “different”.    From the very first day, the anointing could be felt.  I mean you could really feel it.  

As the Campers, some new, some repeaters, introduced themselves, they all had specific goals.  The campers knew what realistic goals they had set and  they knew it would be hard work. 

From what I took in from the Campers as they spoke, I knew, with the help of God, that I had to provide quality content and give them what they were asking for.   An example of what the requests were: “to be off of medications, to fit into my jeans/clothes, to be able to take the stairs, lose weight, change eating habits, ease joint pain, just be able to live healthy and well and DO SOMETHING I THOUGHT I COULD NEVER DO”.    

From every camp session I had to plan and set out to give them a “take-away”; something that they could accomplish or learn..something they could remember.  And most importantly to let them know that they were able to tear down the barrier, that stronghold, whatever had them thinking “I can’t”,  and not let the devil attack their mind by feeding negative thoughts and wanting them to give up.    

So why were the Campers crying?  Because even before the 8 weeks were over Campers were being delivered from medications they were taking for over 5 years. weight/Inches were being lost.  Healthy eating was incorporated into their lives.  They can now run a mile – some have NEVER run a mile or ran before in their lives.  So you ask me why there were tears – that is the reason.  I am tearing up now writing this as I reflect back.   There were tears of joy, tears of “I did it!”…what an accomplishment for all of them.  I told the Campers on a Wednesday night….The bigger the challenge, the greater champion you become…”  And the boot camper’s worked very hard, indeed, and they met the challenge.  Yes, the Campers cried..not only one night but there were several nights that tears where shed as the spoken testimonials were shed.   I AM SO PROUD OF THEM!

Not only is the boot camp a means to exercise, it has also become therapeutic.   The fellowship that has been established is remarkable.   God has set out to perform a good work and he has, and IS doing just that!

 My Boot Campers cried…yes, they cried…and this is a few reasons why… 

Got another good report from my doctor’s office.  According to the blood drawn last week…my cholesterol was PERFECT!!!  Sid that is the first time I’ve ever heard that for over 5 yrs!!!….


I just left my doctor’s office and she was really, really happy that I quit smoking.  She also took me off my blood pressure meds because she said it’s much lower now and I no longer need them!!!   (this was my prayer when I started camp)   Thank you Lord!!!   She also said I’ve lost 9 lbs since December 09 so I’m really happy with that. 


Sometimes you get pegged as the person who’s never going to
change and so you’re put in that mold.  This class has allowed me to blossom in so many ways.  It’s given me the ability to free my mind of other things and lose inches at the same time.  People are inquiring about what I’m doing and saying they want to do the same thing.  People don’t like being left out of a good thing!  I have an even more positive attitude and I’m no longer sitting around waiting on things to happen.  The fellowship and support is awesome as well as our Instructor.  With God all things are possible!


What an AWESOME move of God in the [exercise class] prayer circle on last night  and in your life Sid.  Martha and I were talking as we were leaving and I was sharing about how Pastor Humphrey has been teaching on Obedience in bible study and
how our obedience or disobedience not only affects us but those around us.  Your obedience to the call on your life as it relates to physical well being is affecting those of us in your boot camp and everyone we come in contact with.  You are changing the life styles of many that you have not even met yet – what an awesome gift from God.  People ask me how was boot camp, what did you do, how do you feel, what should I do, what should I eat.  And those of us who receive from you pour that same guidance into others.  People are changing their habits in their workplace, their churches, their families and homes.  We see the preachers, and the ministers, choir members and so on go forth on Sunday, but the daily ministry is what will keep people and bring more of them to Christ in unlikely ways as a boot camp by Sid West!  God bless you on today and continued divine favor and covering on your life.


I didn’t think I could run.  From the very first day of class I thought was going to quit. But I kept coming.  I praised God all the way home yesterday.  I was thinking this morning about the support that our group has and it is such a beautiful thing.  I hope I can be an inspiration and support to someone from the new group.  I was trying so hard to hold those tears

Look at God!! He is just awesome.  You would have had to be there to get the full effect of what really happens. Even though I work in a gym, I do not think you can always find this type of passion or emotion in a gym with a personal trainer who shows lack of caring or in  gym just using the machines.   I thank and praise God that that I do not fall into that category.  I really believe you get a lot more from my bootcamps.  I have a passion for this and for the people I come into contact with to train.  There has got to be a connection with the people.  Thank you for the gift, Lord.  And I thank Him for the assignment and call that he has placed on my life to help promote health fitness and wellness to the Saints of God, and others.

 As long as I keep “giving” and trusting in Him, I strongly believe the Campers will continue to come and God will continue to bless.   Here are some of the Campers at work! (you can click on a pic to enlarge)

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4 Responses to “My Boot Campers Cried Last Night…”

  1. Jerry Peterson Says:

    why we cried, when we looked back over our lives and saw where the Lord brought us from we were inspired to cry Because has been really good to us. As for me each day that I am not held hostage to/by Ankylosing(AR) I can’t help but to give God Glory for his awesome gift he has given us in Sidney. When trying to put in words just how awesome he(Sidney) really is words won’t do justice to his passion for his people, the people he minister to. I have been around gyms most of my life but I have never met anyone with his gift and love not only for the exercise portion of fitness but for his compassion and patients he has for his campers. inspiring us to push ourselves to new heights with words of encouragement, laughter, choice of music and prayer and testimonies. through continious fellowship in and outside the gym. May God continue to Bless him and those he choose to bring together through these boot camps.

  2. Alesia Says:

    Such an awesome experience! Have you ever tried something in life so great you want everyone you love to participate. I would like to invite those who really want a life change to make this boot camp a part of your decision. Such a great fellowship with a wonderful group of people making a sacrifice and commitment. Sooo excited for the next round!

  3. Angi Says:

    This is the BEST blog ever, Sid! Dynamic!

  4. Omar Says:

    Yes! I was crying while I was reading this blog post too. I was one of the repeat campers who witnessed these miracles happening all around me during the last bootcamp. You are so right Syd, this group of campers was special. It was so much more than going through the reps and sets. We were all fighting different battles in our lives and bootcamp was our support system. This last session was truly a blessing. Cant wait for the next session!

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