….Help! i’m being held hostage!

Lord hammercy great glory to God Lord Jesus heavenly father oh matchless one, help!
Phew!  That is all I can say!   Here I am in Las Vegas and I have been held hostage in this hotel! I am in the Monte Carlo Resort.  I been here for two days so far and have not walked thru the hotel, left the room, seen the sites – NOTHIN!! Lord hammercy je-ZUS!! 

But you know what – the sacrifice is ALL worth it. I am here with Mastermind group to discuss my product and the status of it! They have given the product deadline for the Spiritual Empowerment Fitness Workout DVD is May 1, 2010.  Then after that, I start scheduling the product for launch!  So that is the reason I have been sequestered here.  No shopping, no eating, no workout, nothin!  lawd jezus.  But if it means I can deliver a quality product to you and other saints of God to help on the journey to wellness thru exercise and eating right, then again, it is worth it!

I am here with a few of the top fitness experts in the industry; Bedros Kuellian, Vince DelMonte, Craig Ballantyne, Chris McCombs and Steve Hochman – they are really a great help!

I am truly trusting God for what he is going to do!  I have another infomal non-mandatory, session starting at 8pm -10pm tonite.   Tomorrow after the closeout session,  we all go out on the town.  We are going to Haze – Snoopy Dog is going to be there performing.  (sigh)…I dont even know what he sings…do you? Well,  I sure don’t!  All I know is that he has a long pony tail.   This should be exciting……Snoop Dogg

So you all stay tuned!  I will be blogging more on my product topic!

I finally got to leave the hotel tonight….

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4 Responses to “….Help! i’m being held hostage!”

  1. Angi Says:

    Hope you enjoyed Snoop Doggy Dogg!!

    • Sidney West; Certified Fitness Evangelist Says:

      ha! uhm, ah..yes i did! i wasn’t too sure what he sang…but one song did sound familiar! then someone esle came on stage. his name was x-ray, r-jay, sting-ray – i dont know..it was somebody “ray” or something like that. i didnt know him eitha. but the VIP service was great! the place was very nice, too. we had a good time!

  2. jpete Says:

    My brother I am excited for you, because God is giving you the desires of your heart and you are unselfish and unwavering in your part of this major blessing to the body of Christ. As for Snoop dog I can’t tell you what he sings either but I am sure you will be okay with it….I Think LOL

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