..I heard you had crabs..

Hey hope you are well and having a tremendously blessed day!

Well, maybe you didnt have or don’t have crabs, but it’s true my friend had crabs.        

No, not the kind you’re thinking of.  Let me explain.

His name is Bedros, he’s a former personal trainer turned
marketing guru.   The guy is brilliant.  Some of you  know that I’ve talked about him before.

 Anyway, he once told this story to some in his group and I want to share it with you.

 A few years ago Bedros and his wife went on an Alaskan cruise.
At one of the ports they were walking along the water and noticed
a guy fishing with a big white five gallon paint bucket next to him.

Bedros went over to see what the guy had caught in the bucket.
When he looked in he saw a bunch of crabs crawling over each
other trying to reach for the rim of the bucket.

When one crab actually was able to climb on top of all the other
crabs and get his little claw hooked on the rim and make a break
for it,  Bedros told the fisherman he was about to be one crab short and that he should put a lid on the bucket.

The fisherman told him to keep watching to see what was going
to happen next.

It was a life changing moment for him.  

As the escaping crab was about to hoist himself up and over, the
remaining crabs reached up, grabbed the free spirited crab by the
legs and dragged him all the way down to the bottom.

What a life analogy, right?

The fisherman explained to Bedros that crabs by their nature pull
each other down to the bottom when they see one trying to run or
climb to freedom. So the bucket really didn’t need a lid. They self-policed themselves.

Why am I telling you this?  I’m going somewhere….

Well, we all have crabs in our lives… maybe co-workers, friends or
even family.  Lord Jesus, yes.  They mean well (most of the time) but because they don’t want to see you change and are afraid of losing you they pull you down.  

Remember what I wrote to you the other day?  There may be crabs in your life trying to sabotage your fitness and fat loss goals by offering you foods that you know are bad for you, or trying to say negative things about spending time exercising and working on your health.  Or, by encouraging you to hang out and skip the workout.  Or sometimes asking you to take a little taste of that fried food, ice cream, cookie, candy bar or whatever.

 My point is that you can’t let the crabs in your life influence you
into becoming overweight again and/or abandoning your new fitness lifestyle.  

So shake off those crabs!  You know sometime we’ve got to drop some things and separate ourselves.  Sanctified means to be “set apart”.  Only you know what you need. Never give up!   

Can you relate to the content of this blog?  What are your comments?  Let me hear from you….

2 Responses to “..I heard you had crabs..”

  1. Omar Says:

    Lol. Nice title..

  2. Omar Says:

    I have crabs! They are every where!

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