What is YOUR New Year’s Resolution?

Ok, we’ve entered into a new decade. How many of you made a new year’s resolution?

 Did that resolution have anything to do with exercise/weight loss? If it did, did you hit the ground running or are you still procrastinating about it?

 You want to get to the gym or exercise in your own home, but just don’t have the motivation.

Well, until you take the first step, you still may be sitting right there in front of the tv!  You have to take a stab at it! Do not be complacent. The Devil wants you to stay where you are. Unhealthy.

You know you are running out of belt holes.  Do this exercise for me: Stand up straight. Now look down, can you see your feet?  Is that blouse you have on  so tight that it is ready to pop those buttons any minute?

Ok, if any of those 3 things fit you, you got to get moving!

Don’t wait until tomorrow! You got to take the plunge…walk…play….do something to get moving.

Ok, if you made a resolution to start on an exercise program in 2010 and have yet to start, tell us why?

One Response to “What is YOUR New Year’s Resolution?”

  1. Omar Says:

    My resolution is to be more consistent in my exercise routine. I am my own worst enemy. I will find every excuse not to go to the gym. My latest excuse is that it is too cold. I’m sure that when the summer rolls around I will be saying that it is too hot. I just have to fight through those lame excuses.

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