*#*%(@N!*# The Devil is a LIE!

Hello, All….

 I hope you had an awesome Christmas!

 Ok, the following statement is what I found on another blog.    It is regarding fitness and health for the African Americans.  What is your opinion of what this blogger states.  Read.

10-22-2008, 08:36 AM

Negroes will “preform” as directed “for profit” but very seldom will actually voluntarily burden themselves with the responsibility of developing and or controlling their own fitness or health.

Like the out dated farm equipment they actually were intended to be;they can be driven,but left to their own devices; will simply sit and rust in the fields.

 Yes, the statement is crass, ignorant and quite racist.  At first I wanted to uhm,  well, never mind.. ….But does this statement hold any truth as it relates to our health and fitness?   hmmmmm

 What do you have to say?

4 Responses to “*#*%(@N!*# The Devil is a LIE!”

  1. MzB Says:

    Not True!!! We are a driven people by nature. If we weren’t we’d still be on the cotton fields. We strive everyday to become better. Yes, there are exceptions out there as there is in any race. Laziness is a global problem not a black problem. There are just as many overweight people in other races. But for some reason we’re the ones targeted as being too lazy to work out. But I’ve noticed that more are beginning to work out these days.

  2. Walking Queen Says:

    SOME “negroes”!! SOME!!! NOT ALL!! I dont think it’s fair to categorize an entire race to be lazy, no longer useable, rusted, farm equipment! YES most times black people do not begin to exercise or change their eating habits until the bad report from the doctor. What about my white, male coworker who has been warned repeatedly to stop smoking after many stays in the hospital? Oh and then there’s my white, female coworker who will not walk more than a block to get her own lunch. If someone walks for her, she’ll buy THEIR lunch. I CHOSE to change and I’m not being paid one cent! Actually better health and feeling better about myself is MORE than money can buy! So to that blogger, how dare you categorize ME as an animal that needs to be lead or some sideshow performing buffoon! Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, there may be some truth to what was said…the way it was stated is very offensive.

  3. Bryan Says:

    Wow! I absolutely was not intended to be farm equipment but recognize there is a great purpose in my life and the lives of others. I believe that our culture has created lives of ease and it is not on the top of the list to “be healthy.” Our children are not taught to”play” outside unless its an organized sport in many cases and so many of them develop lives with lack of exercise. But honestly, adults should lead in this area by example and this many times isn’t happening. Also, I do believe that our health perspective needs to change. Health has significant financial impacts. Money invested today in say an exercise class, video, or gym membership will save huge amounts in medicines and potential hospital stays in the future. It will create longer life and put us in the place to create and impart to our children and our children’s children. There are so many implications that health has upon our lives. The writer was ignorant in saying what he said but I think the best way to destroy these even thoughts is to strive to live healthier lives.

  4. Omar Says:

    NO! It does not. Period.

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