this is on my mind…

Hello all

Hope you are well!  I was off for a week..but I’m back…and I have a question for you.

….do you want to feel beautiful?  Or handsome??  I think every person does, rite?

What do you do when you get up in the morning? You shower, shave, make sure your hair is rite (I know some women who will take a sick day of work if their hair ain’t together!). 

But in the morning, we “prepare” ourselves to go out in to the world.  We want to look our best.   Oh yes! The men shave, take the time to have on a belt that matches their shoes, tuck in the shirts and get ready to head to the office or wherever they work.   I know I do these things!  I even get my hair cut every week.

The women take time to put on their lipstick and makeup; put on perfume.  They check themselves in the mirror as they drive. Both – men and women, wanting to look good.  There is nothing wrong with that!

Even an overweight person feels they look good – they WANT to look good.  They want to feel good on the inside and out.  I am not against anything and people do what they want, but this is what I’m thinking…and I could very well be wrong.   But if there is an overweight person, man or woman, and they have taken the time to look their best, that means they love life so to say and they care about themselves.

Again, they WANT to look beautiful or handsome.  I don’t know why I am writing this, and where it is coming from! I am just typing…so bare with me!  So if they WANT to look good……again, they are wanting to look good,  so why do they put the BAD stuff inside their body?? 

 Their body is turning against them! Do they realize that? 

One blogger wrote during my first blog that “..I can remember eating the entire pack of chunky chips ahoy with no guilt.  Freely eating until my heart’s content (and artery clogging, hips spreading, etc…Jesus!).    This was just an excerpt, but this blogger went on to make a lifestyle  change and indicated it was well worth it.

So do the overweight people actually know what they are putting into their bodies?  They see the food or pop advertised on TV or hear it on the radio and they run out and buy it! Eat it, drink it and then want some more.  So is the media tricking us or persuading us as we become overweight as they rake in the money!!??   Hey! I have some good junk food over here! C’mon…it’s good for you.   (sigh…) we are all being lied to! Deceived I tell you! Deceived! 

Ok, I just got a butterfly in my stomach – I am starting to feel this thing.  I was supposed to do a video blog today, but as you see, the format of this blog has changed!  ( I guess this is why I do what I do – try to help people).

What is in the advertising? Is there a warning that says if you drink a pop you’ve exceeded your daily sugar requirement?  I don’t think there is.  What about some of the food.  Is there a warning label that states “if you eat this you will be lining your arteries waxy substances and you can bet your sweet tooty it will someday make you be dependent on medicine..!”   is there a food label out there like that?  Probably not.  

I was at dinner with two very close teacher friends  of mine yesterday and we got to talking about the childhood obesity epidemic.  Schools are now requiring that lunches have more healthier choices than the ‘junkier” choices and that students can select these healthier food items.   I thought that was very good. And now some schools are not going to have vending machines with candy bars, fruit drinks and the likes.  

Ok, so now we know we have healthy food. Junk foods.  And the really, really bad foods.  Are our bodies that messed up because of the poor food choices we made/make?  Yes.  We have eaten the bad stuff all of, or most of our lives.   And yet, we are still walking around – alive.  How can that be? only by the grace of God.  He has blessed us!

How much water do you drink?  How much splenda do you use? Hmmmm…how many cigarettes do you smoke?  How much pop or alcohol do you drink?  How much candy do you eat? 

So our bodies are messed up because of the food choices.  For me if i eat rite, I FEEL right.  If I eat something bad, my body can REALLY tell.   So can that be a reason why we have so much sickness?  Due to the things we eat?  u bet.

 So if you are reading this and are overweight, don’t be afraid, offended or discouraged!   Take small steps by changing your food choices!  That one step will lead to bigger and better!  Don’t procrastinate.  Take massive action. Do it now.  You want to be around for your kids, your grandkids and your family!  You can do it!  We can all begin by eating right and exercising!

As we prepare  or focus on making  ourselves beautiful or handsome on a daily basis, let’s propose to do the same with our food choices (include exercise).   Can we make a conscious effort to do that?

 Ok, I’m taking up waaaay too much of your time.  I will finish this up next week! 

Any comments?

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4 Responses to “this is on my mind…”

  1. Walking Queen Says:

    Oooh I can agree with all the posts! Like Lisa P, I too was an overeater partly due to low self esteem and insecurities. Yep, I can agree with Omar too on the eating habits built upon upbringing, “clean that plate or you cant leave the table, or you wont get this or that!” I could be on the verge of upchucking but yet FORCED to clean my plate!?!? Ohh and yes Jpete, I know about going back to old eating habits after a “weight loss”.
    So to the question at hand, if I want to look good why do I not eat good?? It’s all in the mind, there has to be a change of mindset. Until a person wants to change it’s not going to happen. It has to come from within. Regardless of what the doctor says, what our friends/family say and even those voices in our head, until we are truly ready to change – nothing is going to change.
    So yep, we overeaters are like drug addicts, or alcholics or any other addict. The change has to come from within. It’s a battle, a daily battle. It’s not fun, it’s hard as hell. You have to fight inside and outside forces. When you slip you cant throw in the towel and give up, you have to pick yourself up and keep moving. It’s a spiritual and a physical battle but if you want to win, the victory is yours to claim.
    Thanks to blogs such as this, we can come and get strength, education and support. It’s nice to be able to talk about these issues knowing that you are not alone. I’ve been able to face some things that I tried to ignore. I’ve found understanding on some things that I couldnt understand. This weight battle is just that, a battle, but greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world.
    Christmas is here and am I going to slip up? Yep. Am I probably going to gain a pound or two? Possibly. But, I know how far I’ve come. I know how much further I need to go and most importantly I know how to continue. I’m more congnizant about portion control. I may eat three cookies instead of all 2 dozen. I’ll only eat a small serving of mac and cheese on Christmas Day and not continue eating the leftovers the rest of the week until it’s gone. Whew Lawd help me to be happy with a small slice of German Chocolate cake! My mother only makes it at Christmas so I ALWAYS look forward to that treat. Glad I just learned that one slice has over 1000 calories! Did I know that before??? NO!! And I was eating it like carrot sticks!! Anyway, I’ve told myself there is no law that says I have to gorge because it’s Christmas Day. If I wanted to eat those types of food I would fix them on any day, not just Christmas. Why eat so much on that one day when it’s going to take me months to reverse the damage? I never considered that before so I go back to saying, it’s in the mind. Until we learn to change…

  2. jpete Says:

    Sidney I agree we do all want to be beautiful and we try hard to do just that but when it comes to fitnees and eating right we find it diffcult to maintain it on regular bases. for those of us who exercise and have seen results, once 10 of 15 lbs have been lost we feel that we can reward ourselves with our favorite foods but food is like a drug and we are addicts once we have stopped. if we go back we get hooked all over again and as we endulge ourselves, the weight piles on and before we know it we are right back where started from – and then we are discouraged and say what’s the use and give up on fitness and eating rite and blame our genes. I will stop there and see if any my fellow blogger can relate to when I am coming from

  3. Omar Says:

    OK, I know what you are getting at Sidney. Eating habits and grooming habits seem to be analogous to one another. I also think that grooming habits have been culturally engrained in many of our upbringing with seemingly positive effects. Our bad eating habits have also been culturally influenced. In addition decades of industrialization and big monocultures have squeezed out what real “food” is left in the grocery store. But back to the topic of habits; The great thing about good habits is that they can be improved upon and bad habits can be changed. I’ve started a good habit of replacing my sugary cereal breakfast with oatmeal.

  4. Lisa P Says:

    And speaking as an over weight person myself who primps and checks herself several times in the mirror :)…..those are good points and valid questions. My over eating came from years of emotional stress and insecurites. At the time of eating it I wasnt thinking about what it was doing to my body. Now what made me think it felt good I dont know. I guess you could ask the same of a smoker and drinker. It’s not good for the body, but they keep putting it in there. I am sure everyone has their own personal reason for why they do what they do. We have to keep working daily to improve.

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