Hey, is your pastor gaining weight!?

The pastor seems to be gaining weight –and are we, the congregation, doing it to him/her? Food. Food. Food. Bake pastor sweet potato pies, cake, cookies. Feed him/her at anniversary times, birthday time, any special church event, the pastor will go over to Deacon and sister Glackenbottom’s house after church for the Sunday feast. They eat…and eat…and eat…and it is a great fellowship!     

The pastor has gained weight. Are we, the congregation, part of this problem? Being a pastor, I am certain, is a very difficult job! They must socialize and a lot of that socializing seems to happen at the table. Come to the table and fellowship. And, since we are part of their flock, we tend to shower our pastors with gifts and foods many times throughout the year. We love them and we show it. If Sister Darlington bakes a pound cake, the pastor graciously accepts it.

The pastor is overweight. Are we, the congregation, part of this problem? Does the pastor get out of breath when preaching? They preach the Word hard.. sweat.. get tired…have they burned more calories during a sermon than they have consumed over the course of the day or the week? Perhaps not.

Many pastors may be experiencing high-blood pressure, sickness, diabetes, etc…is it hereditary, or are we, the congregation,  part of the problem? I wonder if the pastors are aware of what they eat (and lack of exercise) could be causing health problems. Or, if they have a doctor’s recommendation to lose weight and/or change eating habits and exercise but just haven’t done it.

Are there any physically fit pastors out there? If there are, they may the exception to the rule.

Do we see more overweight pastors in the pulpit? Do they have visceral fat (the dangerous fat around the belly area)?

Our pastors are gaining weight. Are we, the congregation, part of the problem?

From the paragraphs above, which one, if any, can you relate to: My pastor seems to be gaining weight, my pastor has gained weight, my pastor is overweight?

What are your thoughts?

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2 Responses to “Hey, is your pastor gaining weight!?”

  1. lynnk Says:

    uh, I don’t remember my pastor eating like that because of the congregation. He brought it all on himself

  2. jpete Says:

    Most congregations reflect their pastor. If the pastor is overweight the congregation tends to be overweight. I feel that we do contribute to our pastor’s health problem(s) because we feel the only way to fellowship with him/her is by the breaking of bread and no one introduces healthy living to the pastor because they feel he/she won’t be interested. but I feel that if we truly love our pastor we would not give him/her dangerous foods and tell them we want them to live and not die. I know I didn’t answer the question is my pastor overweight and the answer is no but my pastor does have some health challenges; where the Doc has recommended some eating changes and exercise so it is important to help them by not recommended wrong choices when it come to eating and dinning out and introduce her to fitness and exercise like the bootcamp you offer

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